Beauty & Care market

We supply the cosmetics industry with systems that are characterized by their flexibility and ease of conversion in the event of product changes. The particular challenge in this industry lies in the careful treatment of printed and high gloss products. Hoppmann feeding and assembly systems for delicate products meet these requirements.

Examples of personal care solutions

  • Feeding and assembly systems for a variety of tubes, caps and closures for cosmetic products
  • Feeding systems for dishwasher tablets
  • Feeding and assembly systems for lipsticks
  • Feeding systems for tampons
  • Feeding and assembly systems for scented toilet baskets

Your benefits

  • Careful treatment of your sensitive products
  • Modular design for various applications and integration with existing systems
  • Simple, quick changeover
  • High reliability
  • Small footprint


Every market has its own needs and preferences. Our extensive experience allows us to adapt quickly to our customers in different markets. Our solutions are both custom made as they’re standard solutions.

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